Around the World in 80 milliseconds.

Global Networking

Brain Trigger Media is a net-based media design agency formed by a network of freelancers. Our friends and co-workers reside around the globe, working together on optimized, tailored solutions for our clients. We believe in slim overheads and lean administration as a means to competitive offers.

Even better: Our Office is virtual, and is open 24/7/365.

Our Philosophy

Do's and dont's

We like fair business. Therefore we avoid blurred statements and provide honesty at every stage.
We dig professionalism. Therefore we don’t promise what we can’t deliver.
We love what we do. Therefore we guarantee empathy for the tasks we’re working on.


The heads behind Brain Trigger Media combine decades of experience in the industry, passion for their work and interdisciplinary interest for all forms of media and art.



Being responsible for sales management, administration and project management, he's your first contact at BTM.

His long and varied experience in sales and project management ensures that we never lose our focus on your business success.



In charge of social media and business communication, Dieter brings his skills as a journalist and author. He's also an educated printer with a wealth of experience from his career with a renowned marketing agency. An indispensible advisor for all print jobs.



Our backing when it comes to writing and editing English text as well as acting as a speaker for commercials and jingles.

When not working for BTM he runs a library, writes and performs poems and watches birds in his homeland Pennsylvania.